Facebook account hacked

how to recover Facebook account-How to secure Facebook account.  

facebook account hacked
Be careful if you also use Facebook, at the present the number of Facebook user is increasing rapidly as well as hackers are also adopting new methods of hacking. of which, hacker Facebook has been made its way nowadays.

Since COVID -19 virus has spread and due to the lockdown in the entire country, all people are staying in homes. Social media sites to spend your time. Facebook, Whatsapp is using more.


Hackers are targeting Facebook profiles that have not been used for a long time. Made some friends by making Facebook profiles and some of whom are family members and some are special friends. In such a situation, a hacker steals data from your profile, creates another Facebook profile like yours, and messaging anyone from your friend list, asking for some money from you, explaining some of their problems. Transfer money from you through Paytm, UPI, phone pay. You consider him your friend and give him money, and thus you become a victim of fraud.

Type Of Facebook Scam

  • Duplicate Account:- Provide complete information by checking your Facebook profile by hackers. Creates another Facebook profile just like yours, then through that profile, your family members, your girlfriends, your friends, people chatting and asking for personal photo videos through chatting and later To blackmail.
  • Profile Hack:- Hackers use your Facebook ID to hack your Facebook ID and change your profile name and change your profile name and use it to message other people. Use has been seen to be wrong.
  • Link:- Messaging attractive offers through Facebook messages, messaging current news, updating the Coronavirus and creating a programming link in all these messages, after you click on the link, your account gets hacked after completing some steps. And the control of that account goes to the hacker.

History of Facebook

Facebook is a very good social networking site that can be made known to countless people. Facebook was started by Marg Zuckerberg, a 2004 hardware student. It is headquartered in California.
             By the way, Facebook keeps all its users in mind and keeps all the databases ready with them. Along with this, Facebook also pays attention to the safety feature and has provided a lot of future related to profile safety, yet many hackers who hack our profile due to some of our weaknesses.

If your Facebook account is hacked, then you can adapt it at this time so that your Facebook is recovered. help center
 Facebook account hacked

Know tips for staying alert on social media Facebook  


  1. Keep your Facebook profile by two-step verification. 
  2. Do not create more than one Facebook profile.  
  3. Facebook provides you a lot of security future in which the friend list only me option is found in your personal setting.  
  4. Keep email id, mobile number&date of birth secure by enabling only me option. 
  5.  Do not make unknown people Facebook friends. 
Facebook two-step authentication step by step -
step 1 - login on your Facebook application. 
step 2 - click on the right side 3 dot.
step 3 - settings & privacy.
step 4 - settings.
step 5 - security and log in.
step 6 - use two-factor-authentication.
step 7 - Get started.
step 8 - choose a security method.
step 9 - add a new phone number. -Enter Code-Next- on two-factor Authentication.

How to recover your hacked Facebook account 

Friends, if your Facebook account has been hacked, email ID has been changed, the mobile number has been changed, date of birth has been changed, that is, all the information hackers have changed so that you can recover, then how to recover Can learn let's do step by step

Step-01 Searching on Google Facebook account hacked. Click this page 
 Facebook account hacked
Step-02 Click on I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission.
 Facebook account hacked

Step-03  if you think your account has been hacked or taken over, you should visit this page to secure your account.we'll ask you to change your password and review recent login activity. Click on Visit this page 

 Facebook account hacked
Step-04 Report compromised account. Click on my Account compromised
Facebook account hacked how to recover
Step-05  Things to be noted here is to see here that under what name your hack account is now showing on Facebook, search by the same name, then a lot of options will come and then choose your account from it. And then you have to enter your password which you created earlier. 

Step-06  Profile will show click on profile and enter your old password.
Facebook account hacked how to recover
In this way, by following step by step, your one-person account will be recovered easily.

If your account is not able to recover in this way, then you can go to another method. click this link:-   https://youtu.be/Jb3tsAHtx5k

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