Customer Care Fraud: How to avoid online fraud customer care number.

We all have a habit, search in Google to get any kind of information or to find the solution to any problem, and we trust blindly on the results that come before us. Call the helpline number and give all the information. And fall prey to swindlers.

Customer Care Fraud.
Customer Care Fraud: How to avoid online fraud customer care number.

If you search for information related to customer care through internet surfing, please be aware that a new method of online fraud has emerged, in the case of fraud, a private website called Criminal Gang Customer Care Complaint or various internet search engine features: Customer care number of the respective company using Google, etc. Instead of putting their number, whenever a person calls on that number, the fraudster asks the concerned person to transfer some amount by citing the registration fee or any other reason, or refund the amount. Going, the person asks for details by saying this, money is withdrawn from the account as soon as the details are received, thus the person becomes a victim of fraud.   

SBI Customer Care

If there is any problem related to the bank, then, first of all, think to call the bank and for that search the helpline number of that bank from Google, then the fake number entered by Frody comes, call that number While stating the problem, banks share relevant personal information, this makes us a victim of fraud.

Credit Card Customer Care helpline number

Similarly, on searching the credit card customer care helpline number, a fake customer care number is shown by the person named Fraudy in Google. People take this as true customer care and give them the plain information. And become a victim of deception.

HP Gas Helpline Number 

The network of fraudulent gangs has spread so much that they have been sitting in small districts of all the states of India through Google map and put it in Google under the name of HP Gas Customer Care Number. And whenever someone The person shows the number of Frudi on searching his local HP Gas helpline number from Google. And while talking about gas-related calls, some money gets paid through UPI in the name of making an advance payment, for this, you get cheated by sending a link.

shopping site Customer Care 

There are many shopping sites from which we shop, if there is any problem while shopping, then we search the helpline number, but there are many helpline numbers posted on Google, half of it is right and half is wrong, in such a way Many people fall prey to deception.

There is no fault of Google in this, because the Google algorithm base works, promoting the site to which more people visit it as correct.

We have to take care, we have to search for any helpline number from the authorized website. If you ask for any personal information related to your bank when you talk in the helpline number, then we should be careful and do not provide bank details which will protect you.

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Measures to avoid customer care fraud
➢ Customer care helpline number of any company should be taken from the company's unauthorized website.

➢ No registration fish payment is ever demanded by any customer care representative of any company nor information about any kind of bank details etc. is asked. If it has been done by someone then it can be fraud. Therefore, do not give any information to the customer care representative or any other person.

➢ Never share confidential information like OTP bank details with anyone.

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