UPI Frauds: How Can I Protect Myself From UPI Frauds?

Frauds continue to be the mainstay for UPI to commit fraud and easily transfer money through UPI. The UPI method is the easiest way for fraudsters. Do you know that according to the Global Word Economy report in 2017-18, about 600 billion money was in the market, out of which 1.6 billion was from online frauds, and in India, 110 crore banking fraud was done in 2019? So you can understand how big an issue is an online fraud.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has given great attention in leading the country towards cashless life. As the new way of paying money is being opened, the cheating team has also developed new ways of cheating. And have found a way to fraud with UPI, the highest frock is being done with the UPI method. There is a reason for this,

According to the Times of India, in October 2019, it crossed the one billion crore transaction level. Apart from this, the UPI user has crossed 10 crores, which is why fraudsters are getting more and more fraudulent by adopting the UPI method.

    What is UPI Frauds?

If you have become a victim of UPI fraud and want to get your money back. So what do you know about UPI frauds, and what are the remedies you can adopt to avoid this, and how to file cyber complex? All this must be going on in your mind, so today, let us tell you about UPI fraud.

Whenever we are in contact with a fraudster, the fraudster takes you to an online method in the name of making an online payment or receiving payment by someone on an excuse. Online payment methods like Phone Pay, Paytm, Amazon, Pay, Google, Pay, Mobikwik, Freecharge, Bhima UPI, Razorpay, other sites that transfer payments through UPI. is called UPI payment.         

It is important to know the types of UPI fraud before you can avoid UPI fraud and stay safe.

Types of  Latest UPI Frauds:
UPI Frauds: How Can I Protect Myself From UPI Frauds

You must have heard about gang cheating online, lying in the paper, news, or seen in TV or people around you would be listening to it, so today you also know in what ways people Make him a victim of swindling.

UPI Payment Request Method:  Many of us may not know about the payment request. If we think of payment request, I will take money from you, then I will send a payment request to your phone through UPI and as soon as you click on request, it will show the drink or send option directly in your payment gateway as soon as you send The id will be transferred as soon as we ask for the id. Using this method, Frody easily transfers money.

By link-sharing or forwarding: The lingering and forwarding method is a link created by a hacker by coding, the gender that is forwarded to another number automatically connects your number to the bank UPI. This means that the fraudster can withdraw money from your account through your number.

Many links are so dangerous, your phone hangs directly after clicking, the monitoring of the phone goes to the hacker. Or there are some links in which some forms have to be clicked on clicking, such as - your name, date of birth, ATM card number, Bhima UPI ID, and password are entered and save all the information goes to the fraudster.

Scanning the QR Code: All kinds of applications related to UPI provide a QR code scan option. Through this, anyone can easily transfer money into their wallet by scanning the QR code. The same method is used by the cheating person, he uses his WhatsApp to send QR codes through WhatsApp. And tell the front person to scan the barcode as soon as they can, after that enter the UPI PIN.

customer care representative: In between the banks or other applications such as Paytm, phone, Google, etc., on the side, update issues or security updates are coming. Because of which you do any transaction. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the fraudster calls you as a customer care representative and tells you about all these Jesus, this makes you believe his words and you follow all the steps when he says Give.

Helpline Number: Many times we extract helpline numbers from Google for our personal needs like (gas agency, bank helpline number, TV recharge, pizza delivery, hotel booking). And on calling in the helpline number we get from Google, it goes to Frody. It makes you a victim of deception very easily. The Google algorithm works on the base, so it does not understand the helpline number if we report a cheated person on the site from which the helpline numbers are extracted. So Google can remove the helpline number.

So we have now learned about which ways UPI fraud is happening, now let us know what is the way to avoid it.

Ways to avoid UPI frauds:

Yu says your awareness is your wish. Being very cautious is the only way to keep your money safe. Here are some things you should follow:

  1. Never share sensitive information such as Debit card details, ATM PIN, Internet banking credentials, UPI PIN, OTP, etc., with anyone including bank officials even if they say that your account or debit card will be blocked if you don’t share the information.
  2. Never share your UPI ID in social media, unknown WhatsApp groups, or with an unknown person. Share our UPI ID only to people you trust and only when needed.
  3. Review the UPI payment requests you receive and make sure that the request has been received from the UPI ID/mobile number you are expecting.
  4. Do not approve payment requests from unknown UPI IDs/persons.
  5. Do not share your mobile number on social media publicly.
  6. If your mobile number goes out of the signal suddenly, contact your mobile operator immediately and check what the problem is. Check whether your mobile number is active on any other device.
  7. Do not install applications from untrusted sources on your smartphone. Install only the applications you trust.
  8. If a stranger makes a request for money, just decline! There is absolutely no need for you to authenticate a transaction if you don’t know what it’s for!
  9. Be mindful of what you’re doing even when you’re authenticating a transaction. Check if the amount is right, verify who you’re paying to.
  10. Moreover, simply be aware of what’s happening and let your friends and family know so they don't end up losing money.

I have become a victim of deception, how do I get my money back.

As soon as you know that I have fallen prey to deception, first of all, block your ATM card, stop the online facility so that no further transactions can take place.

Secondly, it is very important to get your money refunded, the gateway through which you have an account transaction as soon as possible, such as free recharge on Paytm Mobikwik phone. Go to the cyber complex option and enter the complaint or call the helpline number and file your complaint and the transaction Try putting on hold.

Third, after that you go to your nearest cyber cell office and do the online transaction, stating the details of fraud with you, take bank statements, Aadhaar card, bank passbook, debit credit card, registered mobile number, take it with you and get the refund processed.

How to cyber Complaint against UPI fraud.

NPCI keeps all the information about online UPI transactions of all the banks present in India, besides it also controls the functioning of banks, if you have fraudulent UPI you can compromise NPCI. Email ID Priyanka.agrawal@npci.org.in

Cyber cell is located in all the districts, I can complain of fraud with me by going to my district headquarters in the year of Cyber, can process money refund.

Go to National Crime Records Bureau Citizen's Cop and file your complaint.

Go to the police station and register an FIR.

Also go to your bank and file a complaint with the bank against unauthorized transactions in your account.

What is UPI? Any other information about UPI?

The Unified Payment Interface is a framework created by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India), in which an account holder of a bank can use the app on his mobile phone to pay money instantly or instantly from the account holder of another bank.

Immediate means that you do not have to wait for a transaction like a NEFT transfer. While performing NEFT transfer, you have to wait for the nearest batch cycle. It is like paying using a credit card.

It gives you the option of quick transfer using bank account and IFSC. But the exact value of UPI is at your UPI address. The UPI address is the same as your email address (your name @ Paytm ie Rakesh @ Paytm). You can link your bank account to the UPI app of your choice and the money sent to @ Paytm will come directly to your bank account. No KYC required, no indirect charges. Money transfer using Paytm BHIM UPI is completely free.

“All you have to do is ensure that your bank account is linked to the mobile number on your Android phone. And you must have an ATM card. "

Once in the above space, you can securely set up your UPI using your ATM card. You can go to any app of your choice. Let me tell you the steps of Paytm (Mobile Recharge, DTH, Bill Payment, Money Transfer - Apps on Google Play).

Click on the Link Account / UPI on the Paytm App home screen and choose your bank name from the list.

Perform Paytm magic and search your bank accounts for the selected bank. Once it receives the account statement and shows it on-screen, you're done.

Just get your ATM / Debit card of that bank account and set your UPI PIN. It is also called M-PIN. It can be 4/6 digits depending on the bank. This is an additional layer of protection to prevent fraud.

Once you link your bank account, the money transfer is now a few seconds' work. Send money to friends, family, your landlord, pay for your ride directly from your bank account at no extra charge.

Immediately means payment is in seconds.

UPI (unified payments interface) related FAQS

What is UPI:-  UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is a framework created by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India), in which an account holder of a bank can use the app on his mobile phone to pay money instantly from the account holder of another bank. Time fund transfer is a process. Which has been made by NPCI. This system is based on the IMPS interface.

What is UPI Pin?:-  It is like an ATM PIN. This is the unique identity of your UPI account, just like you cannot transfer del amount without PIN from ATM, in the same way, you cannot do del UPI transaction without UPI pin.

How does UPI work?:- To avail UPI service, you have to create a virtual payment address, after which you have to link it to your bank account VPA(virtual payment address is your financial address.)

What is NPCI?:- NPCI keeps all the information about online transactions of all banks present in India. Controls the banking sector. You can ask for information from the NPCI in case of fraud.

UPI service delivery bank:-  By the way, almost all banks provide UPI service, then I give the list of some bank for your knowledge. 

  1. State Bank of India 
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. PNB(Panjab National)
  4. ICICI Bank
  5. Axis Bank 
  6. Kotak Mahindra Bank 
  7. Andhra Bank
  8. Canara Bank
  9. Bank of Maharashtra
  10. Federal Bank 
  11. United Bank of India 
  12. UCO Bank
  13. Vijaya Bank
  14. IDBI Bank
  15. Yes Bank
  16. Allahabad Bank
  17. Barodra Bank
  18. Hindustan Bank
  19. Dena Bank
  20. Imperial Bank 
  21. South Indian Bank 

I hope you have liked this information. If you have any questions related to it, then you can comment to me. I will be happy to assist you.

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