Mobile Current Location: | How can I find the current location of a mobile

Mobile is the most important in a human's life. And when the mobile is lost, then you know how the chaos is created in your life.

When we come to know that our phone has been lost or fallen somewhere, it seems as if it stops beating for a while, why not say it right?

We insist on our termites that the phone is left. Our termites do not work in any coffee shop or somewhere in the park because at that time they live in the coffee stress.

How do I track a missing phone?

Mobile Current Location  How can I find the current location of a mobile

Mobile Current Location How can I find the current location of a mobile
If you have lost your phone, someone has stolen it. If you want to know the current location of the phone, then there is a way, if the phone is on, it is ringing, then you can track your phone by going to the device manager through your email, you can find the last location. Apart from this, you can find the location by going to Google from Fund My Device. There is no other online way to find mobile.

If your mobile is also stolen or lost somewhere else, and you want to find your mobile. So before I tell you about how to find a mobile today, many fake applications that fool you in the name of tracking mobile, will tell you the way to avoid such applications and truthfully and how to find your lost mobile. Can. I will inform you about it.

First of all, I will give you such a fake application that is present in the play store which claims to track mobile and fools you, such application will be found in the play store but there is no work here. Because it works GPS based, as long as your mobile is on, GPS is on and you are already logged in with Gmail, only then you will be able to track your mobile through GPS tracker. This also does not prove to be effective.

Because such applications have to be installed in mobile beforehand and have to be connected by email, even after doing so, you do not work 100%. You will reach the Particular Area but will not be able to find it. This is why the location of your mobile is BTS location means the location of the tower. Now the range city of that tower is of 500-meter area inside, the same is 5 kilometers in the outer, now you will find it so far.

What to do if a mobile is stolen

Each mobile has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identify) number. To know this - Dial * # 06 # from your phone. The phone will show a unique code of 15 digits, do not handle it, and save it in a written phone.
If your phone is lost, then email this number to with the below-mentioned details.

Your Name, Address, Phone Model, Make, Last used no, Email for communication, Missed Date& IMEI No. 

FIR No need to write, no need to go to the police, your phone will be tracked through GPRS in the next 24 hours and your handset will also be found in the direction of changing your number.

Is it possible to track the exact location of a mobile number? 

The question will be in your mind that how does the police find a mobile, then let me give you all the information today to find out the current location of a mobile. Police have links with other service provider companies like Direct Telecom Company like Airtel, Idea, Jio, BSNL, Tata Indicom, Docomo, and in collaboration with Police Telecom Company, tracks the ejections of any mobile.

Mobile location tracking based on CDR/IMEI Number 

Whenever you go to the police with information about the missing mobile, the police ask for your mobile bill or IMEI number, which is because the IMEI number is a unique ID number of the mobile. There is no other number like it. The police ask for the CDR (call data record) of this IMEI number, which will have the current SIM number in your mobile that all the information comes, along with Location, which data of the SIM holder also comes. In this way the police easily reach the mobile.

How do I find the current location for a mobile number? Do we have any apps/websites for this purpose?

Find My Device:- Find My Device is an application powered by Google, even after searching on Google, you get the option of FindMy Device, FindMy Device has to be registered with your email id or email ID is registered in your phone only then it will not work here. Will not do so. There are three ways through Find My Device.
1. Play the sound Ring your phone for 5 minutes.
2. Option to lock your phone.
3. Option to recover and delete your phone's data.

Which one is the best mobile number tracker with the current location online?

I am telling you a very useful way to find mobile, first you have to find the tower cell ID of your phone that the eject is running in the cell id. When you get the cell ID, then after finding it from OpenCellid you can find the current location.

You can easily find out which tower ID is connected to your mobile, for this I can tell you the best way, by opening the email you go to your device manager, see the last location there, the last location is the area where the tower is in Google Search For the exam, there is a Jio SIM in your phone, then you search the Jio tower in that area, then the tower ID of that tower will go, the same tower ID is called the cell ID.
Mobile Current Location  How can I find the current location of a mobile

Mobile tracking helpline number

In fact, the theft of mobile lost is increasing, even after complaining to the police, there is no relief soon, after waiting for a few days, people often get depressed. If you have also faced such situations then you can fix your difficulty easily, for this, the Central Government has issued a helpline number 14422 to complain about the theft of mobile phones, on which you can call all your lost phone You can file a complaint by giving information. With this, your mobile will be found and supplied by that mobile company or police administration. 

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