whatsApp hack - how to recover

My WhatsApp has been hacked. How do I recover?

WhatsApp is one such platform where a lot of personal talks are done. So no one would want a third person to read your personal chat.

Let's know about WhatsApp Hacking, how a cybercriminal hacks your Whatsapp. Cyber ​​Criminal needs OTP to hack WhatsApp. For this, cybercriminals can adopt various methods. The cybercriminal who tries to install WhatsApp on his device, he will need a mobile number and OTP. And to know OTP, the method of call forwarding, by sending a link, bank officer, policeman, someone your old acquaintance, your office worker, etc. Adopt the method.

whatsApp hack - how to recover

Many times it happens that O link can come from your friend side, so this is why your friend has also been hacked and do not share this link even if you are using it.

Most of the cases of WhatsApp hacking are criminal cases used to cheat money. WhatsApp can hack someone and hack them, ask for money from your identity in your name, Criminal can send a messy message to your WhatsApp contact, send a scam link through which you can cheat.

Let us know how hackers hack WhatsApp

  • 2ndline application uses this application to create a WhatsApp from another country number. And this is the message through WhatsApp.
  • using spoof mac address Victim's MAC address is obtained by means of phishing link and configuring MAC address to hack WhatsApp.
  • appmia They can access phone calls, text messages, call recording, Gps location, Whatsapp, Facebook, email, etc. through the website. This website is available in both free and tree versions.
  • spyzie app After downloading the app free from the play store or official site, install it on the applicant's mobile and disable Google Security. After this Google could not produce the product, after that the hacker will install the app and create an ID, then after entering the name and mobile number of the person who has to hack Whatsapp, the mobile device will get the complete information. When you go to the social site, please see Whatsapp message.
  • The call forwarding hacker will make the call forwarding of your number to your number, for this, the hacker[ * 21 * phone number #] enables call forwarding by sending you a link or by calling. Will be diverted to the second number. It will be invoked via OTP call while hacking WhatsApp and o will also go to call hacker. Sayed, you must have understood my point.
  • Many remote access applications such as [TeamViewer, any desk, Quick Sport, Screen Share-remote Assistance] this is a software that allows one to control each other's mobile or system from anywhere in the world via the internet.
  • QR CODE SCAN runs your system by QR CODE SCAN of your WhatsApp.
Note:- This information is not to be misused as it comes under the category of crime.

How to recover WhatsApp step by step

WhatsApp app gives 7 days to recover but through this step, you can recover it in 20 minutes
  • Step-1 Uninstall or delete the WhatsApp of the phone that has been hacked.
  • Step-2 Take out 2 SIMs and take pulses in another phone. And this second phone should be a keypad phone because this is because keypad phones are unhackable.
  • Step-3 Install Wi-Fi in another phone, and install WhatsApp via wifi, wait for 20 minutes, then call time option will appear, click it, a call will come to the basic phone, it will get the verification code. Verify will be able to recover WhatsApp. Will not see messages sent to the leaking criminal.

How can I secure my WhatsApp

Unlock with fingerprint:- WhatsApp provides fingerprint security to secure us, through this you can protect your WhatsApp fingerprint.

whatsApp Unlock with fingerprint

Two-step verification:-
 WhatsApp provides us with a two-step verification future. It is very important to do two-step verification. Enable two-step verification of your WhatsApp. The hacker will not be able to hack your WhatsApp. Let's know two-step verification step by step
Step-01 open your WhatsApp
Step-02 Click on site 3dot above WhatsApp
Step-03 Go to setting
Step-04 Click on account
Step-05 Click on two-step verification
Step-06 Click on Enable
Step-07 Enter a 6-digit passcode → Confirm your passcode:
Step-08 Add an email address to your account.→ Next→Confirm your email address:→ Save →  Done

Why does the Criminal need WhatsApp Hacking - Cyber Criminal does something through the Internet constantly. Its main purpose is to steal money. Apart from this, people also serve the personal data, steal WhatsApp data, find the loophole of WhatsApp, and can also ask for money in the name of linking data from WhatsApp author.

Other important future of WhatsApp

Search message images -Whatsapp keeps posting many images, many images show wrong information. You can go to the direct search option from WhatsApp and get full information about that image in Google.
Privet group message - Through this, you can send private messages to any member of the WhatsApp group.
Privacy setting - Who can see my personal information, under privacy settings everyone, my contact, no one has the option, you can choose according to your own last seen, profile photo, status groups, live location blocked contacts.


So how is WhatsApp hacking through this post And we have learned ways to avoid this and how to recover if WhatsApp is hacked.

I hope you got information about WhatsApp from this post. If there is any confusion, the comment below will definitely get the answer.
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